CD - Amol is gewen

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  • Sibylle Kynast

    CD - Amol is gewen

      Sibylle Kynast, 2009
      CD, jewel case, 12 Sites booklet
      12 Tracks / 38:00 Mintes


    15,00 €

The first Studio album by Sibylle Kynast

12 tracks recorded at the Studio Hepstedt, October 2009, First published: January 2010

Songs of love and life are the themes of the album in various languages such as Yiddish, Ladino, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek and Russian. In these songs, which have emerged in the most diverse cultural circles among the people, love is sung in all its forms: the love between man and woman, between mother and child, love of neighbor, and, above all, the love of life.